Trisha’s Bridal Shower

I had the honor to be part of my cousin’s bridal shower as one of her bridesmaids. Our theme was a Tea Party. The bridesmaids did a very good job on keeping it simple and cost effective. We had BC Donuts cater their desserts, which was amazing and tasty. The tea pots and saucers were from my best friend/sister and cousin. Everything was just beautiful and honestly a proud moment for me and the bridesmaids.


I bought party favors at Mosketels, which is Los Angeles Michaels. They have pretty much whatever Michaels has. I stuffed those boxes with the help of my high school friend with kraft paper shreds and a single macaron made by my coworker. It was cute cause at the tip of the box has a twine tied to the heart.

Special thanks to BC Donuts for catering to this event and basically slaving away to make this bridal shower come true. They really came in a clutch with their Creme Bruleé donut and their Strawberry Croissant. The desserts were great, so please check them out if you’re in the area. They are located in Pasadena on Foothill and Altadena. This is a mom and pop store and I can’t express how much their service has brought joy to the people at this bridal shower. It’s definitely worth to check out!


Last but not least, we had Jane April do my cousin’s hair and it came out beautiful. This event was by far better than I ever expected and I think everyone who contributed should get a pat on the back. To close this post, I like to give a shout out to someone I’m dating because he help me build my backdrop or the event. We glued the flowers together and it was just a fun project to do with this person. I couldn’t ask for a better Partner in Crime.



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